Jonah (Part 4)

Jonah 1:13

Jonah has confessed to the men of the ship that God is bringing this storm, because he is fleeing the call of God.

The sailors have a reaction that is not what I would consider in their best interest.  They again take up their efforts to get back to dry land on their own. 

To my knowledge, Jonah was no sailor.  So here he is standing helpless on the deck of a ship in the midst of probably the worst storm he has ever seen.  Jonah can’t help.  He probably can’t even pull properly at the ores.  Have you ever been is a boat with someone who doesn’t know how to paddle properly?

Jonah was willing to the let the ship break apart and the men drown till he was singled out by the casting of lots.  I would like to think that if I were in Jonah’s position, I would either jump overboard or repent.  Jonah does neither of these things, and we have to take warning from this.  Sin in your life will take you down a road that is farther and darker than you ever thought imaginable. 

I have seen it time and time again in the body of Christ where a man or woman let sin grow in their heart and when it came out into the open, your shocked at how far from God they truly are.  I don’t condemn them though. 

If not for the grace of God, I would be much worse.

The sailors also serve as a warning to believers and non-believers alike.  These sailors are determined to save Jonah,  they appear to be even more caring and forgiving than Christians are.  When a Christian rebels from God they allow Satan an opportunity to make the Church loose face.  Yet, what the sailors may not realize is that their actions of love and selflessness are an affront to God.  They are helping Jonah along in his sin by defying the correction of God.

Many times the world will accept backslidden Christians and give them shelter, encouragement, etc. that only ends up prolonging the correction that God and the Church desires. 

In response, God increases the intensity of the storm.  Jonah and the sailors are heaping condemnation and trouble upon themselves. 

If you are hiding sin in your life, do us all a favor and repent.

As we will see, if we confess our sins and repent, He is faithful and just to forgive us. 

About fanningtheflamesagain

Too many times in life we don't speak up. We don't want to rock the boat. We keep quiet because we think we are in the minority. I never seemed to have this issue. I generally wish I would have kept my mouth shut, but I just can't. Thanks though for stopping by and taking a moment to see my side of the story. May it not be far from what God would have me to say.
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1 Response to Jonah (Part 4)

  1. billrandles says:

    So true Matt- sin always takes us farther than we intended, and costs us more than we can affor, and hurts everyone around us- Sin is the evil of all evils- worse than death and suffering!

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